Unique Fencing Ideas for Your Garden

Garden fencing is something not everyone would opt for especially when they have fences guarding the boundaries of their premises. Garden fences are often installed around flower beds and vegetable growing areas to prevent damage caused to them. For those of you who suspect intruders, children or pets trampling upon these flowers and vegetables, one can effectively install fences that can provide protection apart from making your garden look appealing to the eye. These fences needn't be tall and are often with a height that is prefect to prevent intruders on a ground level. Fence

While you make plans to install such garden fences, it is often difficult to choose the right one for your garden, but when given the multiple choices, you can analyse each one of it well and accordingly opt for the one that is perfect for your garden. Here are a few types of garden fences that could help you sort your confusions.

• Pickets - These are thin pieces of wood that are cut to create fences. You could either have them of the same length or have them designed in curves to suit your preferences. Whitewashing or colouring them with bright colours can give your garden a bright look. These often require maintenance as they may rot due to rain or other forms of precipitation. If maintained well, these would make you garden to look beautiful.

• Vinyl - These too have the same look as that of pickets but are made of vinyl which is durable and doesn't rot, unlike wood. It is easy to maintain and can be installed easily. When compared to pickets, it is cheap and readily available for use. Vinyl Fence Installation

• Bamboos - These are unique garden fences that can be opted for where you could cut them in different sizes and fix them around your flower beds or areas where there are vegetables grown. They are beautiful to look at in its natural form but you may want them painted to suit your preferences.

• Wrought iron - The manufacturers for wrought iron fences often manufacture them by customising it according to the requirements of the clients. You could request for unique designs on the fences and then install it accordingly. It too requires maintenance as it tends to get rusted when it comes in contact with water especially when it rains. Iron Fence Maintenance

• Stone and boulders - You could make arrangements for large boulders or stones from the landscaping agencies and accordingly arrange to create short height walls that act as fences. It isn't necessary for you to cement them together but can be balanced well to create an obstruction for intruders apart from making your garden look beautiful. Fence Company


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