Sewing Machine

Merrow has been in business for over 172 years. This leading manufacturer of sewing machines is known worldwide for its quality products and services. The company has developed a full line of industrial sewing machines, end-to-end seaming machines, and fashion machines. Each model has different uses. The products stitched on Merrow sewing machines last longer, wear better and have better seams. They are designed for the modern industrial sewing room and utilize innovative technologies to produce a valuable stitch. Sewing Machines

Here are four different uses of Merrow sewing machines:

Merrow machines can be utilized for sewing lingerie. Some units come with specific features such as a structural seam for satin nightgowns, narrow rolled hem for silk robes, decorative purl edge for lightweight fabrics, and two-needle structural seam. The most popular machines in this category include Merrow MG-3DRWL, MG-2DNR-1, and MG-3DW. You can use them to sew a tight seam or edge on delicate fabrics such as nylon tricot, silk, satin and similar sheer material. Computerized Sewing Machine.

2.Military Sewing
Some of the machines created by Merrow are specifically designed for advanced protective combat uniforms, flight suits, badges, patches, insignias, and military blankets. You can easily create hem closure for Kevlar glove cuffs and sew on Nomex material with Nomex thread. These sewing machines are designed with simplicity in mind and can handle heavy, dark fabrics. Most of them sew a 1/4" stitch at high speed that won't curl pucker, or pull back thread. Sewing Machines

3.Baby Garments
Merrow sewing machines can produce a beautiful decorative shell stitch for burp clothes, baby bibs, fleece baby hats, and fleece-lined baby jeans. Sewers can also create a subtle finish that wears comfortably on next to baby skin garments. The Merrow MG-3Q-3 High-Speed Shell Stitch Machine produces the tightest stitch for garment edges. This model sets five shells per inch at extremely high speed. This machine is used anywhere an accent on a garment is required. High Speed Sewing Machine

4.Blanket Stitching
Some of these machines feature three types of stitches, including a rolled crochet stitch, a flat crochet stitch, and overedge seam for woven blankets. The mechanized crochet stitch was invented by Merrow. These powerful machines are used to finish blankets or other heavy garments. They produce stitches that add a timeless homespun feel. Some older versions have been modified for specific use on thick wool blankets. Because of their quality engineering and construction, Merrow machines are used in production facilities from all over the world. Sewing machine