Efficient Deck Staining Tips

Decks are a great place for entertainment and leisure purposes. Since they are exposed to outdoor environment and other external elements they require proper maintenance for a longer run. The proper staining of deck can enhance its beauty for a longer period. Read more to know about how to stain your deck.


First of all make sure that the surface is free of dust and dirt particles. Moreover make the surface dry so that the stain will adhere well with deck surface. Cabot Problem solver wood cleaner can be used to clean the wood. Once it is applied rinse off with clean water and wait until it get dried.


  • Cabot is the best brand for high quality wood stains. Click here to get overview of the stains.
  • Wood Toned and clear stain:- Theses are transparent stains through which most of the wood grain and texture can be seen.
  • Semi Transparent:- These are lightly pigmented and more darker than previous one but allows the wood to be seen.
  • Semi Solids:- They provide semi opaque finish masks for most of the wood grains but sill allows textures to be seen.
  • Solids:- They gives dark and opaque finish which completely covers the grains.


It is always preferable to go for natural bristle brushes for efficient staining.At first coat the open end grain of boards and brush two to three boards at a time. On new decks apply only one coat of stain. One important thing to be noted is that leading edge should be kept wet. Moreover more stain should not be applied as it may lead to cracking when exposed to moisture.For decking made from recycled plastics follow the recommendations of manufacturers .


Since decks are exposed to lot of external elements it will be necessary to reapply stains at particular intervals. The condition of the stain can be verified by seeing whether it repels water. If it do so then there is no requirement of re staining.

To know more about deck staining visit this site.