Air Conditioner Maintenance

Your air conditioner needs to be inspected, serviced and cleaned every year. This is ideally done in the spring so as to ensure that it operates at peak efficiency during the summer. 

Maintenance is necessary because as the air conditioner runs, it gathers dirt and dust which affect its efficiency. This can lead to reduction in efficiency in key areas such as air filters and condensing coils. This in turn leads to loss of operating efficiency by as much as 5 % each year. Air Conditioning Maintenance

Regular inspections are encouraged. Inspections should be done at least after every six months. They help to improve the energy efficiency of the of the air conditioning system. This will reduce the amount of energy bills that you will use and will prevent premature breakdowns. Regular checks can help find and address small problems in the air conditioning system that if left unchecked could develop to larger issues. Ensure that your maintenance check is done by a licensed HVAC expert. HVAC Maintenance Services

Other than regular inspections by experts, ensure that you follow specific maintenance procedures so as to keep your system operating at peak efficiency. Some of the basic maintenance procedures done are:

- Cleaning dust from the grates which supply air to the room. Also remove any objects that may restrict proper air flow. 

- Removing any leaves or debris from the outdoor condenser unit. 

- Changing and cleaning of air handler filters. This should be done according to the manufacturers stipulated period.  

- Ensuring that the condensate line is clear so as to allow liquid runoff

- Making sure that the thermostat is working. 

- Contact your HVAC expert if any unusual noises are heard when turning on the thermostat.

- Inspecting the ducts for holes, separated sections or loose tapes which might cause air leakage. 

With proper maintenance and care, most air conditioners can last for up to 15 years. Air Conditioning Services